Activities Overview

There are hundreds of Out & Out trips and activities to enjoy each year.  All members are welcome to take part in as many or as few activities as they wish.

Member-led Activities

Most activities are led by one or two volunteer leaders.  There could be a sporting or fitness activity in the city (cycling, rollerblading, baseball game, yoga class), a day trip (hiking, berry picking, museum visit, winery tour, skiing), a chance to socialize (board games evening, restaurant brunch, potluck dinner, sing-along movie night, euchre tournament), or a longer trip (camping weekend, educational workshop, canoeing in Algonquin).  These activities are free where possible, and provided at cost where necessary.  Carpooling is often organized for out-of-city activities, with members asked to share transportation expenses.

Want to go for a city walk, take a dance class, or see something at Canadian Stage, and don’t see your activity listed?  Others in the club are sure to feel the same way, so volunteer to lead it!  Getting involved as an activity or trip leader is one of the best ways of making new friends and becoming an integral part of the club.  Don’t worry if you’ve never hosted a group activity before.  Just ask for help and we’ll do our best to ensure you have the necessary assistance and resources to make it a success.

Lead 3 for Free!
Best yet, run just three activities in a year, and you're eligible for free membership!  When you receive your automated renewal request, follow the instructions in the email.


Club-led Events

The club organizers (Steering Committee) and their subcommittees plan most of the club’s larger events, such as the Spring Fling potluck, Pride activities, Jamborette dessert party, Jamboree summer camp, end-of-summer picnic, and our Annual General Meeting (usually held at the 519 Community Center in November).  Volunteers are always needed to make these events run smoothly, so when you see the events posted, please let the organizers know you’re willing to help!


All members also receive an newsletter, emailed every two weeks, featuring club news, photos, and a brief description of current activities, so you can easily select the activities that interest you most. In addition, some members choose to get Google Groups email notices about activities – especially useful for last-minute updates on weather-dependent activities.

With Out & Out, there really is something for everyone!