In addition to the Code of Conduct, please observe the following Club Etiquette which may be revised by the Steering Committee as required. See below for additional Virtual Etiquette 🙂

  • contact Activity Leaders before the registration deadline, if specified, and use their preferred mode of contact(e.g. email) and dates/times specified by the Activity Leader;
  • inform Activity Leaders in advance if you need to cancel your participation, especially if you are a driver offering a ride to other members, so that other arrangements can be made;
  • show up early and be prepared to leave at the scheduled time, or you might be left behind;
  • only bring guests who qualify per the Club Guest Policy, and have been pre-approved by the Activity Leader;
  • respect the pet policy in the Activity listing and leave your pet at home if pets are not permitted;
  • leave political materials at home as they are not welcome at Club activities and events;
  • ask how much you owe in advance, and pay when requested by the Activity Leader or driver;
  • follow Activity Leaders' reasonable instructions, including participating in set up before, or clean up after, an activity or event;
  • abide by park rules where applicable, and maintain contact with group while on cycling and hiking trips; adhere to legally required safety rules such as wearing helmets while cycling and
    PFDs at water activities and events;
  • ask permission before photographing members, and inform them that their image might appear in Club communications and personal social media platforms;
  • respect gender identity; if unsure, ask a member which name and pronoun they use;
  • obtain permission before hugging or touching another member;
  • remember that consent in sexual situations should be sought and can be withdrawn at any time;
  • be respectful of other members' comfort levels when sharing space at Club activities and events; proactively negotiate house rules that are amenable to all members especially those regarding
    nudity, substance use, music type/volume, lights out/quiet time, temperature, and food allergies/preferences;
  • have fun, and be a good ambassador for the Club!

Club Etiquette - Virtual Style

Please observe the additional virtual etiquette when reserving for and participating in any OUT & IN Club virtual events:

  • members must sign up for online events directly with Activity Leaders;
  • inform Activity Leaders in advance if you need to cancel your participation;
  • only active members, and not guests, are permitted to participate in any online Club activities and events;
  • do not share any online connection details, and personal information with anyone;
  • all members must adhere to the Code of Conduct which applies to any and all virtual events, especially regarding confidentiality and privacy;
  • ask permission before recording and/or photographing members during virtual events, member participants and activity leads alike, and inform everyone that their image might appear in Club communications and personal social media platforms;
  • all members must adhere to the laws, rules and regulations that govern the use of all social media platforms, across all different platforms, which may be used to participate in online club events including, but not limited to for e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Zoom, Google Meet to name a few.