How can I contribute to the Subsidy Fund?

You can make a donation for any amount to the Subsidy Fund here (Please note tax receipts cannot be issued):

Thank you for your generous support!

Apply for a subsidy

You can apply for a subsidy for membership or an Out & Out activity using this form:

Subsidy Application →

What is the Subsidy Fund?

Since 1994, Out & Out members have generously contributed to the club's Subsidy Fund so that events like Jamboree can remain accessible to as many members as possible, despite their financial circumstances. Typically, subsidies of up to 66% allow 12 to 16 members each year to attend Jamboree who would otherwise not be able to enjoy this great event!

How did the Subsidy Fund get started?

The original Subsidy program started back in the late 1980s, when a member's bequest created a fund to support Out & Out club members who were unable to attend club events due to financial hardship resulting from the impact of HIV/AIDS. In 1994, the Subsidy Fund was formalized and expanded to encompass all members, and has since been funded by voluntary member contributions.

How can I apply for a Subsidy?

It is not always easy to request help when we need it, but that shouldn't be a barrier. Members contribute to the Subsidy Fund knowing greater participation enhances everybody's experience. Out & Out takes the privacy of subsidy applicants very seriously. Only Board members involved with the Subsidy Committee will have any knowledge of any application details.

So what are the criteria for subsidies? While individual circumstances are assessed on a case-by-case basis, guidelines call for an annual income less than $30,000 or situations in which health problems, medical expenses, disability, unemployment, or under-employment significantly impact the ability to pay. The complete Subsidy Fund policy is available here.

If you would like to apply for a subsidy to Jamboree, complete the online Jamboree registration form between May 1 and June 30. At the end of the form under 'Registration Options', select 'Register and Apply for a Subsidy'.

If you are interested in applying for a subsidy to an event other than Jamboree, or if have any questions, send a note to subsidies using the contact us page.

What Subsidy Fund recipients have told us over the years:

"As a new immigrant unable to find work in my field, I could not experience Jamboree without a subsidy. I hope to be able to pay the full cost next year!"

"I was not going to go to Jamboree because I couldn't afford it. Stubborn pride almost stopped me from requesting a subsidy, but thankfully my friends insisted that I should at least apply. Jamboree did so much to improve my well-being."

"I only hope that others can receive the wonderful gift of Jamboree that your subsidy allowed me to experience last year."

"Thank you for giving me the chance to meet new people, have fun, be outdoors, be active, live, laugh and play! Jamboree would not have been possible for me without your help.

"Being able to spend a week on vacation is not something I could afford under any circumstances. Thank you for this incredible gift."