Welcome to Out & Out!

Since joining Out & Out I’ve met amazing people: friends, revelers, kindred spirits, great huggers, vibrant sassy delicious troublemakers (you know who you are), collaborators, community leaders, inspirational givers, and true family. I’ve watched hearts blossom together, and witnessed the journey of epic friendships.

I love Out & Out for its diversity – both in membership and in activity. To have so many options, and have the chance to experience what Toronto has to offer with these great people, is a gift. When time allows, I relish getting out to catch up with old friends and meet new ones, while exploring the city on bike, getting out of the city for a hike, strapping on some inline skates, playing board games, or enjoying sing-along movie nights, fruit picking ventures, potluck dinners, camping trips, or the pinnacle event of the year – Jamboree.

What's impressed me most about Out & Out? Here, the saying “many hands make light work” is truly alive. It’s easy to lead your own activity, and there’s always someone to lend a helping hand. We are a collective of great individuals, a vibrant community of people who share a passion for discovering: discovering new friends, new places, and new adventures together, while savouring the rediscovery of old ones. That’s what makes Out & Out unique, and why I invite you to join our club.

David Langan, Past President
Out & Out