Jamboree Questions & Answers

Who goes to Jamboree?

Age 19+ singles, couples, cisgender women and men, nonbinary, gender nonconforming and trans people, Two Spirit people, lesbian, gay, bisexual and queer people, students, professionals, retirees – you name it!  Jamboree is wonderfully inclusive, and the atmosphere and activities are geared towards having a place for everyone.


I'm thinking of coming to Jamboree for the first time and I'm on my own.  Is it difficult to fit in?

Start packing! You’ll find that other attendees welcome newcomers enthusiastically.  And quite often, people coming alone discover a number of their acquaintances are also there.  Many long-term friendships have started at Jamboree – in fact, there are always anniversary celebrations for people who met their partner at camp!


How do I get there?

If you have a vehicle, we'll provide directions.  If you need a lift, we'll do our best to arrange carpooling – register early to give us time to find you a ride.  If needed, bus service to Haliburton is available, and we can likely find a volunteer to pick you up from there.


How can I meet some campers in advance?

About a month before Jamboree, we often hold a dessert party called Jamborette.  Many people attending camp will be there, so come out and meet them, and learn more about Jamboree.


Do you have to be a member of Out & Out to attend Jamboree?

Jamboree is a member-only event, so everyone (including friends and partners of current members) who wishes to attend needs to join the club first.  Membership is only $35 and enables you to enjoy club events all year long.


Can my friend or partner come up to visit during the day, or stay for just one night?

No.  Because of our insurance, only registered members who have signed the event waiver are permitted on camp grounds.  The minimum Jamboree registration period is 4 days in 2022.


Can I bring my children or pets?

No.  Jamboree is a member-only event, and you must be 19+ (and human) to be a member.


I'm not much of a sports participant.  Is that a problem?

Not at all.  There are LOTS of activities available for those into arts and crafts, games, entertainment, or more quiet pursuits like reading, yoga or meditation.


Do I need a certain skill level to take part in the sporting or arts activities?

No.  All events are open to everyone.  If you're new to a sport such as volleyball or canoeing, there may be beginner lessons available.


What’s the weather like?

August in the Haliburton area can be warm or cool.  Typical highs are often in the upper teens or low 20’s, with historical extremes of –1 to 37.  Best advice is check the long-range forecast before leaving, and pack a sleeping bag and blankets so you can layer as needed.


Are there places to go nearby?

Most people prefer to stay in camp and get away from everyday life.  If desired, the town of Haliburton, a 15-minute drive from camp, does have grocery stores, drug stores, an LCBO, restaurants, and even a movie theatre.


What’s a typical day like?

You decide.  Meal times are set, so you’ll likely want to plan around those.  Otherwise, you can spend the entire day reading by your cabin, or participate in back-to-back sports, games, hikes, crafts and other activities – whatever you want.  A listing of the available events will be provided each day, so you can plan in advance.

Most evenings have a major activity (such as a dance or sing-along campfire) if you wish to take part with the larger group.


What sort of food and drink is available?

Breakfast and dinner food is typical cafeteria-style fare.  Lunches are often barbequed hotdogs, hamburgers or chicken.  There is always lots of choice on the menu, with vegetarian options available, so you definitely won’t go hungry! If you choose to bring food with you to camp, or have snacks in your cabin, please remember to store them in an animal-proof container.  Please note our host camp is a peanut and tree nut-free facility, so leave the snickers at home.

Tea, coffee, water, and juice or sweet non-alcoholic drinks, are available at meals.


Are there any extra costs?

All activities at camp (even arts and crafts supplies) are included in the price. Occasionally, off-site events, such as a golfing trip, are charged separately.

There is no tuck shop at camp. Those wishing to buy additional snacks or clothing typically make the trip into Haliburton.


Can I arrange a private cabin?

A raffle is held at the Jamborette dessert party for a private cabin, so be sure to attend for your chance to win.  The Jamboree organizing committee members also get private cabins where available, as the only compensation for their months of work coordinating the event.  All other accommodations are shared.


Can my partner and I get some privacy at camp?

There is usually a designated cabin available for intimate activities (not for overnight use).


Is there any nudity?

Yes.  A skinny dip happens most mornings, and nude sunbathing is permitted at the main dock.


What is Wigless Wednesday?

A Jamboree tradition!  Geremy (a.k.a. “Flo”) started this years ago.  It’s a costume event where everyone is invited to get dressed up (generally in bad drag, but without wigs) and parades down the hill while Flo provides a hilarious (and biting) commentary on the fashion victims.  The people who do not want to dress up are invited to be the audience for the parade.  The parade ends with a cocktail party before dinner.


Do I have to dress in drag or costume for the theme nights?

No.  But large numbers of attendees do, so once you see the fun they’re having you may wish to participate.  It’s best to plan ahead.


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