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Do you crave the thrill of rock climbing, the serenity of kayaking, or the nostalgia of summer camp, reimagined for adults?   Look no further than Out & Out Club, your gateway to exciting 2SLGBTQ+ adventures, friendships that last, and a safe, all-welcoming haven.

But that's just the beginning.  At Out & Out, members take the reins, planning everything from hikes to camping, kayaking to biking, and even skiing.  Nature becomes your canvas, and community is your masterpiece.

And it's not just the great outdoors.  Our indoor gatherings are your cozy, creative sanctuary.  Jam out, game on, conquer escape rooms, master the art of baking, and unleash your inner artist.  The possibilities are as boundless as your spirit.

Feeling bold?  Take the lead in an activity close to your heart; we're all about your passion.

No car?  No problem.  We'll handle the logistics while you focus on soaking in the adventure, far from the city's hustle.

Mark your calendars – the second Wednesday of each month is Club Info Night on Zoom.

Join us to dive deeper into the adventure of a lifetime:

Have any questions? Visit the Contact Us page on our website.

By the way, you can register to be a member anytime. You do not have to attend an info session: Join Now

Get active, get social, get with Out & Out.  Your next big adventure awaits!